Midway Speedway Results 6/8/13

Coldwell Banker Factory Stocks

The Coldwell Banker Factory Stock feature was a race of attrition tonight. Early on Rogers & McDonald had a hard crash in turn three ending both of their nights. Mark Simon was making a hard run toward the front until rear bumper issues relegated him to the pits. Mark Davis and Josh Lewis had a lap after lap battle for second while Rob White in the Mizer Motorsports Ford Mustang took his first feature win of the year.

1. Rob White - 5
2. Josh Lewis - 7
3. Mark Davis - 56
4. Mark Simon - 23
5. Jed Rogers - 30
6. David McDonald - 77X

Heat Winners: White & Simon

S&S Recycling B-Mods:

Exciting race tonight for the S & S Recycling B-Mods. Hard luck finds Jason Otto early as he and Tim Ballinger make hard contact ending Otto's night. Ted Ballinger led the first half of the race until the engine let go in turn one. After the cleanup Bill Schaar and Tom McBride had a good race up front with Bill Schaar taking his first win on the Midway.

1. Bill Schaar - 51
2. Tom McBride - 98
3. Jay Flinn - 06
4. Michael Jones - 7
5. Tony Fincher - 1
6. Brian Myers - 16M
7. Tim Ballinger - 14
8. Ted Ballinger - 17T
9. Jason Otto - 8

Heat Winners: Otto & McBride

Ozark Harley-Davison Non Wing Sprints:

Tonight was a wild one for the Ozarks HD Sprint cars. Cody Crabtree and Dustin Arnall made contact early on with Crabtree ending up on his top in the frontstretch wall.Crabtree was able to climb from the machine uninjured. Taylor Walton held off a hard charging Rusty Quick in the late stages, making it two for two on the season in his second Midway visit.

1. Taylor Walton - 14
2. Rusty Quick - 29
3. Dustin Arnall - 2A
4. PJ Grimes - 00
5. Cody Crabtree - 29C

Heat Winner: Walton

Minuteman Press Midwest Mods:

The Minuteman Press Midwest Mods had a smooth and clean race tonight. After some bent sheet metal and flaring tempers the last few weeks the drivers raced hard but clean. Brandon Henderson and Travis Hill were one and two in the closing laps of the race. Hill tried to pull off a last corner pass for the win but the rear end of the car came around sending Hill into the infield. Henderson takes the checkers for win number four on the season. Cheevers managed to slip by for second while Hill gathered the car up to come across third.

1. Brandon Henderson - 76
2. Chris Cheevers - 39
3. Travis Hill - 38
4. Jamie Petty - 43
5. Mark Sullens - 13
6. Les Hayes - 69ER
7. Bill Joiner - 11
8. Dustin Brown - 37

Heat Winners: Cheevers & Joiner

Starnes Auto Pure Stocks:

Fifteen laps clean and green for the Starnes Auto Pure Stocks. This race had a wild finish as Matt Young and Roy McGuire were having a close race for first. Young and McGuire both touched late which let Caleb Starnes slip by on the last lap to take the feature win.

1. Caleb Starnes - 117
2. Roy McGuire - 38M
3. Matt Young - 00
4. Christopher Sawyer - 12
5. Jim Alexstates - 47
6. Jakob White - 5
7. Ryan Boyce - 30
8. Monk Barker - 1

Heat Winners: Young & Sawyer


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